• Within reason we welcome the use of personal items, such as a favourite chair, by our residents believing this enhances what is already a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Medical advice is always available and visits by our local G.Ps and district nurses are arranged as required. The same is true for dental and eye-care needs. Chiropodists and optician visits can likewise be arranged.
  • Many of our residents utilise the weekly visits of local hairdressers.
  • Books, games and craft work are all widely used by our residents and physical exercise is encouraged. We are strongly supported by many of our local churches and are pleased to have two clergymen on our Board of Trustees.
  • During clement weather residents and guests enjoy outdoor seating and patio areas surrounded by mature woodland overlooking the beauties of the River Clyde. The environment is serene and yet inspiring. We warmly welcome friends and family of our residents and encourage them to visit as often as they can.